Monday, 29 September 2014

Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream

I was sent some Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream to try out.

I have had three kids and each pregnancy has left me with new stretch marks. My last pregnancy was now almost 4 years ago, but still my stretch marks are quite noticeable on my hips.

I often use a moisturising cream or bio-oil.

I wasn't over keen on the smell of this, a little musky. but the cream went on well and as into my skin quite quickly absorbed

This cream is best to use before you develop stretch mark while pregnant, To be honest I prefer to use bio-oil, but this is a cheaper alternative

You can find Bepanthen on Facebook 

I received a bottle of Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream in return for my review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Serenity Saturday : 149

Serenity Saturday Link Party

Sorry that Serenity Saturday has been MIA these last few weeks, but today it's back and I've really missed seeing what you have all bee up to.

I have noticed that people are linking up then just leaving, it would be great if you could check out a few others and leave a nice comment for them. It's great to support other bloggers and a link party is the perfect place to do it

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Catch the Brand New Show - Boj on CBeebies + Giveaway

Boj is the brand new kids tv show coming to Cbeebies channel showing 6 days a week at 7.30am

Boj is a cute little Bilby, an endanged bigearred bandicoot from the Australian Outback.
The animated cartoon is full of creativity and fun and Boj hel;ps solve all his friends problems. Boj also like to make and upcycle things, which will have your kids wanting to do this too.

Here are three great projects to do with your kids
Make Chatty Pots
Make a Guitar
Make Hats

Boj is voiced by Jason Donovan. And here is what he as to say about the show :

“It's a pleasure to be involved in such a well-crafted project. I’m interested in great characters, great stories, great songs and Bojhas all those things and more. As a good Aussie dad Pops is very close to my heart and I’m looking forward to that special time before my daughter Molly starts school when we’ll enjoy watching Bojtogether.” Jason Donovan
So make sure you tune in to Cbeebies at 7:30am to see what Boj and his friends are up to
You can find Boj on the Website, Facebook and Twitter

I also have 3 really cute Boj bags to giveaway. Just enter the rafflecopter below

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Stur - Liquid Water Enhancer Review

I recently received this box through the post from Stur. It contained 6 different flavour Stur drinks. Stur is a water enhancer for those who don't like drinking plain water or fancy something different and best of all it contains no sugar, no calories and no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

Here is what the creator of Stur has to say about his product:
"I initially created Stur for my wife, so she could drink more water naturally while pregnant with our twin girls. We are a family-run company, passionate about better health. Our mission is to help millions of people drink more water, and we're really proud of developing a good-tasting product without any artificial sweeteners, flavor or colors.
The Journey
Stur was born while my wife was pregnant with our twin girls.
The doctor had recommended she drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But like most of us, she wasn't drinking even half of that! So I started looking for healthy ways to flavor her water. We tried cutting fruit slices and adding them to water, but it was too messy. So I went to the store and searched the drink mixes, but found that they were all made with artificial chemicals that we didn't feel comfortable putting in my wife's body.
Finally I asked a food scientist friend to help me create a liquid blend of natural fruit flavors and natural stevia leaf extract to squeeze in water. It took us over a year and hundreds of different formulations to land upon a blend that tasted better than most bottled sugary drinks (and we’re still tinkering to perfect it)! I called our special blend “Stur” and proudly wrote on our hand-drawn label that it had 0 calories, 0 sugar, 7 essential vitamins, and NO artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. (That initial label was hand-drawn by yours truly, and I can’t tell you how many loving comments I’ve gotten since on just how little artistic talent I have).
When I first told my family and close friends about Stur, they told me I was crazy to launch a product in this category, competing with established, multi-billion dollar companies. Then they tried Stur. They still told me I was crazy, but they also admitted that Stur tasted fantastic. I counted that as a saving grace. Entrepreneurs have to be somewhat crazy to start something, and I’m probably crazier than most. But I could never have started this business without my wife’s incredible support – that has been the constant.
In the weeks and months since, our family and friends couldn’t get enough of Stur. We were spending nights and weekends making it for others, and that really pushed us to share our secret.
The first time Stur got into a health food store was in December 2012. When that first store owner tasted Stur and said "I love it, we'll take several cases" – I almost couldn’t believe it. It was an incredible feeling, having something you created in your kitchen selling in a store – just magical! I actually didn’t bring enough product with me that first time out to fulfill the order, I had to go back home and bring some more. Since then, we’ve started selling Stur in a variety of online and offline retailers, as well as on the home shopping channels. We got into every outlet through cold-calls and pounding the pavement; it's hard work but we thank our customers for keeping it going.
The name "STUR" is relevant to the drink mix category, but it actually stands for "Savor The Ultimate Reason."
It took my wife and I over 3 years to get pregnant – and during the tough times, we used to tell each other to remember our ultimate reason – to build a family. For our customers trying to lose weight, manage diabetes, or just be healthier and drink more water everyday – whatever your ultimate reason, we hope you stay confident and that Stur helps you reach your goals as it did ours.
With Love,"

Stur comes in 6 different flavours, Apple & Blackcurrant, Green Apple, Cranberry & Pomegranate, Orange & Mango, Tea & lemon and Tea & Peach. Each bottle makes 30 servings and it costs £19.98 for 6 bottles.

My favourite was the tea and peach. It was so delicious.

here's the mango and orange

This drinks are great for people watching their weight, pregnant ladies, diabetics and even kids.
with no sugar and no calories and also 7 added vitamins why drink plain water when you can drink stur.

You can Buy Stur from retail shops or directly from their website

And you can find Stur on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

Family Fever

I received a full box of Stur products in return for this review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Should I Spend a Lot of Money on a Power Tool?

Is it a Good Idea to Spend a Lot of Money on a Power Tool?

There are many major brand name power tools on the market but you’ll usually find that these are the higher priced products if you’re looking to make a purchase. If you want to build up a set of power tools then you may be thinking that it’s a lot of money to be spending all at once (check out gotstock).

If your aim is to have a full set of power tools in your home then it would seem as though you’re intending to be carrying out your own work. This being the case you need to think about whether it’s worth the extra investment to secure tools that are going to be reliable in the long term.

What if you don’t have a huge budget to spend?

Although there are many people who genuinely love carrying out work in their home, the reason for some people going down this route is to save the money that they would spend by hiring someone to do the job. If this applies to you then it’s unlikely you’re going to want to spend a fortune on tools to do the job yourself; that isn’t going to be of much help to your budget.

The best way to think about this is that you don’t have to spend all the money at once. Choose the job that is the most urgent to be completed and select the tool that you need. Once you have purchased this tool you then have it available for any similar jobs in future.

When you have some more cash available to spend then think about another job you want to approach and the tool you need to buy for that. Taking this step by step approach means that you are slowly building up a full range of power tools without the financial pain of having to part with a huge amount of money all at once. Of course this approach does take patience; you can’t have everything all at once.

How can you afford to buy power tools all at once?

If you haven’t got the patience to wait then you only have a few options. It may mean that you have to go without the ‘luxuries’ for a while; less take-outs or nights out could lead to money saved. Of course there’s always the present option too. If you’ve got some generous friends or relatives, and you’ve got a birthday due, then you may want to add a power drill or sander to the list of what you want.

You can also try talking to other people who use power tools on a regular basis and ask if they have any suggestions as to cheaper tools that may still do a good job; recommendations are always valuable in this area. Lastly, don’t forget you don’t have to buy where you browse. You can try out a tool at a local store then search online for the best deal you can get. You know that you’re getting the tool you want at a good price.

This post as been provided for Serenity You

Image courtesy of  Renjith Krishnan | Free Digital Photos 

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