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Top Five Skin Care Tips

Top 5 Skin Care Tips on Serenity You
With so many elements and factors affecting our skin on a daily basis, it can often feel like you are fighting a losing battle and that everything you do is ultimately fruitless. Don't lose faith, though. There are many tried and tested, highly effective ways to keep skin healthy and tackle the signs of ageing, and the amount of solutions to skin problems increases by the day, with new products and treatments constantly being produced.

As well as naturalistic methods and changes in lifestyle or diet, things like regenerist night cream provide skin protection and recovery that is quick, easy and cost effective. Below are five skin care tips you can put into action to keep your skin glowing.

Stay out the sun

The sun is great for your skin, but too much of it or being exposed to harsh rays without adequate protection can age skin and have adverse effects, even increasing chances of things like skin cancer. There is no need to shun the sun entirely, just be sure to invest in good sun protection and try and get some shade when the rays are at their most intense, usually early to mid-day.

Invest in a good cream or moisturiser

Using moisturiser or skin cream can help reduce ageing and keep the skin looking great, helping it recover from the elements and giving it new life. Night creams like Regenerist Night Cream by Olay are especially good, as they hydrate the skin and help to reduce wrinkles.

Put the cigarettes down

As well as having a plethora of other negative health effects that you will no doubt already be aware of, smoking drastically impacts the skin, speeding up the ageing process and worsening wrinkles. It reduces blood flow by causing your skin's blood vessels to narrow, so the nutrients and oxygen that are necessary to keep your skin in good condition and keep it healthy become significantly decreased.

Eat more healthily

Bad diet is one of the main contributors to bad skin, so have a look at yours and see if there is anything that could do with changing. Foods like nuts, fruit, legumes and vegetables will help immediately, getting good minerals and vitamins into your system, as will drinking more water.

Small changes can make a big difference to your skin, from creams to a healthier diet. Bigger changes, like giving up smoking, may seem a hard feat, but are well worth it for a better lifestyle.
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Book Tour - The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse

Book Tour - The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse on Serenity You

To celebrate World Nature Conservation Day on Monday 28th July Tom Moorhouse is having a book tour promoting his children's book The River Singers.

The book is about a family of voles who go on a journey to find a new home.
suitable for all ages but aimed at children aged 8-12 years old.

I ask Tom:
"You've worked with water voles for 8 years, how much of your research has gone into The River Singers?"
"Ooh, lots. My aim was to write a fun adventure story about water voles, but one in which all of the details of their lives are as accurate as possible. So if I've done my job as a writer properly (time will tell) by the time you finish the book you should mainly have enjoyed the adventure and way the characters react to the life-threatening situations, and hopefully feel satisfied at the outcome. Then, perhaps, you might think back to some of the descriptions of the natural world, and how the characters interact with it and each other, and perhaps find that, without really being conscious of it, you now know a lot more about water voles than you did. That was my aim, so the main challenge was to incorporate all of the details that I acquired over the eight years I studied water voles, but to keep them secondary to the adventure."
And here's a fascinating fact about water voles...
1)       Fun vole fact : did you know that water voles have flank glands ? They leave scent at territorial markers - called “latrines” - by scraping these glands with their hind legs and then drumming their feet down onto flattened piles of their own droppings. This is just one of the reasons that there will never be a superhero called ’Vole Man'

The tour is kicking off on Monday over at the OUP children's books blog ( This will be an announcement of the dates to tie-in with World Nature Conservation Day, then it's over to the participating blogs and here's the full line-up:
Tuesday 29th July - Smiling Like Sunshine (
Wednesday 30th July - Serenity You (
Thursday 31st July - Confession of a SAHM (
Friday 1st August - Library Mice (
Saturday 2nd August - My mummies Pennies (
Monday 4th August - Madhouse Family Reviews (
Tuesday 5th August - Red Peffer (
Friday 8th August - Making It Up (
And I also have one copy of The River Singers to giveaway.
All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below
UK Only
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sylvanian Families - Freya's Day at the Seaside Review

Sylvanian Families - Freya's Day at the Seaside Review on Serenity You

Sylvanian Families - Freya's Day at the Seaside Review on Serenity You

I can remember when I was about 6 and I went to a friends house to play and his older sister had  massive Sylvanian Families house with load's of the characters, and all the little cute accessories. I was so jealous as I really wanted one, but my mum never brought me any has money was tight back then and these toys where quite expensive and what we classed as a luxury toy.

So you can imagine how excited I was to receive Freya's Day at the Seaside set to review!
I was reluctant to give this to my little girl as I wanted if for myself, but that made me feel like a nasty mummy, so I gave it to her.

The Set includes:
Freya chocolate rabbit
table with umbrella
glass of juice
lilac towel
swimming room
deck chair

we also got a Sylvanian families calendar too

Sylvanian Families - Freya's Day at the Seaside Review on Serenity You

The little rabbit comes wearing a cute swimsuit that can be removed. She has pose-able arms and legs and is made from flocked plastic. She is very robust and has great details. You can tell straight away why these toys are quite expensive as they are of very good quality and the makers pay great attention to detail.

Caitlin with her Freya Sylvanian

Caitlin playing with her Freya Sylvanian

My little girl loved playing with this and as asked me to get her some more.

This play set as a RRP of £12.99

I would definitely be buying more from the Sylvanian families range now, These are a great toy and very durable so will last a long time

The only thing I would change about this play set is the box.
It shows two other characters, but it does clearly states that not all characters are included. But for a child who can't read or someone with eyesight problems this could be a little misleading.

You can find Sylvanian Families on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

I received the above play set and calendar in order to write my review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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London Fashion Week SS15

This September comes a double dose of fashion treats. Not only is the London Fashion Week drawing close, but this year there is also the London Fashion Weekend to get excited about. The week for industry professionals, the weekend for the consumers, and a chance to get up and close to the runways that most of us won't often get near.

The weekend events follow the main week which runs from 12-16 September, and has a whole host of names including Burberry Prorsum, J.W. Anderson, Paul Smith, Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood Red Label to name but a few. London Fashion Week is one of the 'big four' international fashion events and is hosted at Somerset House. This is the big week of the year to have in your diary, whether you are a professional, a fashion follower or a wholesale clothing retailer. Whatever your interest, London Fashion Week is a big deal, generating orders of around £100m. A chance to get a handle on SS15 fashions to make sure you are ahead of the game by the time the sun pops out next year.

The weekend event is going to an interesting one, with particular emphasis on style that bridges the gap between the high-end and the high street, a chance to see both high profile and emerging designers. This kind of accessible approach to fashion means that when the summer dresses come wafting down the runway, the casual buyer, looking for the latest styles as well as fashion retailers looking for their stock of Spring/Summer wholesale dresses can be on the same page as the industry experts.

How it all goes down:
London Fashion Week runs over several days and the schedule that has been recently released is jammed full of big names and big style. The weekend event has a combination of shows. 'Trend Catwalk shows' which showcase a variety of designers all on a hot new trend.
'Precious Metals'
'Flower Power'
'Lace Embrace', and
'Good Sport.'
Then the 'Designer Catwalk Shows', all new collections from a variety of designers such as Amanda Wakeley and Nicholas Oakwell.

Anything else:
As well as designer shows and the catwalks, there are pop-up shops with everything from industry level wholesale bags and accessories to wholesale women's shoes. And tote bags with all the goodies, don't forget the tote bags! One of the main wholesalers in London – recently told us that: “…the London fashion week really help us decide which bags, shoes and dresses we’ll have available for small retailers.”

New News:
23/7 Caroline Rush, the CEO of BFC has just revealed an initiative to work closely with up and coming contemporary British labels to provide them with mentoring and support in partnership with eBay. After receiving help to grow their business the designers will each create a limited addition piece to be sold in eBay's new BFC Contemporary shop. Well, now that's not going to help with anyone's ebay addiction is it?

Can't wait? Check out what London Fashion Week has revealed as the Pre-Spring and Summer looks for next year. They are going to be a good indication of what's coming up on trend and th
e kind of things we'll get to feast our eyes on in a few weeks.

(Images: all sourced from, and arranged into collaged images. These can all fall under the tag line of: Pre-SS15 women's collections, London Fashion Week.)

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