Friday, 20 December 2013

Handmade Twig Wreath

Here's a lovely mini twig wreath I recently made. I was hoping to make a bigger one, but couldn't find any really long twigs.

To make this you need:
Bendy twigs
a pine cone
an acorn 
hot glue

First get a few of your twigs and bend them to make sort of a half circle. The get one twig at a lime and entwine then and wrap them around the half circle, keep placing each twig further along until you have made a full circle. 

Hot glue a pinecone and acorn on and fasten a bit of ribbon to the top for hanging.

Top Tip: Start with the thicker twigs and wrap the smaller ones in last

Have you ever made a twig wreath before? I'd love to see them, leave a link in the comments

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  1. Now that looks nice and simple! Something I can manage, great job!


  2. Very pretty! I like the simple things in life ;-D

  3. Cute,, but simple wreath! Nice!


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